Saturday, September 14, 2013

Recover Excel Files Mac If Corruption Causes Unexpected Behaviour

While working on a large Excel workbook, it is very difficult to see the row or column headings when you scroll left or down. In order to track the row and column heading, Microsoft Excel allows you to make the headings visible all the time. This feature is called Freeze Panes. In Microsoft Excel for Mac, sometimes you may find that this feature does not work due to corruption. To deal with this problem, you need to opt for Mac Excel recovery solutions.

This problem is very frequent with Excel workbook and you can demonstrate it with the help of below mentioned scenarios:
  • In a workbook, you select the row and click Window-> Freeze Panes.
  • You expect it to freeze the selected row, but it does not work as expected.
  • Instead of that, it freezes a sheet area of some columns by some centimeters of rows in height.
  •  You try to unfreeze panes and then freeze them again, but it does not help. Basically the feature does not work.
  • This feature was working perfectly with all the workbooks earlier, but now the same problem occurs with new workbooks as well.
This behavior also makes the information inaccessible and you have to use Mac Excel repair methods to sort it out.

What causes this problem?
This problem is related to the file corruption and it is repeating with other files due to default Excel file. This issue may encounter if you have not created a default Excel workbook and placed it Office->Startup->Excel directory. Excel is accessing the default workbook from application memory, which actually has corruption.

How to fix this?
The most common troubleshooting steps for such problems are:
  • Use Disk Utility to detect and fix common hard drive problems.
  • Run Font Book application for resolving faulty font issues.
  • Remove Excel for Mac preferences to work around preferences corruption.
  • Create a new user account on your Mac machine and try to access the file.
If nothing works, use third-party recovery applications are a last resort. They are designed to thoroughly scan entire workbook and extract all inaccessible objects. Such tools ensure complete, safe, and effective recovery.

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